Who is Ventura Entertainment?

The biggest and most influential parks and attractions operator in Mexico and Latin America. With 11 brands, 9 facilities, and 133 different attractions. We host more than 2 million guests per year keeping the safest operations record in the industry.

Social, educational and environmental programs are the center of our philosophy. We are the partner and master franchisee of Topgolf for Mexico. SunRiver Corporation hired Ventura Entertainment for the design, development, and operation of 7 mega parks in China.

Ventura Entertainment, Creating Memorable Experiences.

Ventura Entertainment

Leading amusement park operator based in Mexico

Sealand Leon

León, Guanajuato. México

Acuario Inbursa

Ciudad de México, México

Dolphinaris Barcelo

Quintana Roo, México

Dolphinaris Cozumel

Quintana Roo, México


Guadalajara, México


Cozumel, Quintana Roo. México

Tabasco Chef Maestro

Cozumel, Quintana Roo México

Toca Social




Over 2 Million Visitors Annually