Ventura Entertainment is the second largest operator of amusement parks in the country with more than 2 million visitors per year.

Ventura Entertainment is the result of the merger between Dolphinaris, Grupo Entreteparq

and Selvatica.

• Dolphinaris operates 5 dolphinariums in Cancun, the Riviera Maya and Cozumel,

along with an aquatic park called Wet’n Wild in Cancun.

• Grupo Entreteparq is formed by “La Feria de Chapultepec” in Mexico City and “Selva

Magica” in Guadalajara.

• “Grupo Selvatica” manages an adventure and extreme attractions park in the Riviera


Since its inception, the Company has been making investments for over Ps$500 million in

Mexico and the USA. These investments will mature in the next 12 months with the

objective of driving the holding’s growth which as today encompasses over 1,500 coworkers

and 9 amusement parks with geographic diversification.

In this regard, Javier Molinar, president of Ventura Entertainment’s board, comments:

“Ventura Entertainment’s main objective is to achieve sustainable growth, offering above all,

unforgettable experiences and memories to our visitors, through a customer centric culture

that places above all their safety and enjoyment.”

Xavier von Bertrab, President of Grupo Entreteparq, claims: “In Ventura Entertainment we

are committed to the country’s development, thus the most important element for value

creation in this company is human capital. That’s why we want to offer our visitors and

coworkers the assurance of being part of a talented organization, with ongoing training and

in the pursuit of continuous improvement.”

Meanwhile, Juan Carlos Aziz and Guido Benassini, from Selvatica expressed: “We are

excited to be part of Ventura Entertainment because it is the sum of the best people, wellknown

for their dedication, service attitude; honesty, integrity and team work, achieving all of

the above within a framework of respect towards the environment and animal welfare.”

Last but not least, Mauricio Martinez de Alva, CEO, stated: “The evolution of the

entertainment industry carries serious challenges and with this in mind Ventura

Entertainment is born, with the commitment to offer the most unique and high quality

experience to all of our visitors.”

The merger was led by Ventura Capital Privado, an investment vehicle that holds several

Mexican investors under the direction of Enrique Castillo and Javier Molinar. Ventura’s PE

team will be actively involved in the institutionalization and growth of the company.